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Magical GraphQL query engine for TypeScript

gql.tada is a GraphQL document authoring library, inferring the result and variables types of GraphQL queries and fragments in the TypeScript type system. It derives the types for your GraphQL queries on the fly allowing you to write type-safe GraphQL documents quickly.

In short, gql.tada,

  • parses your GraphQL documents in the TypeScript type system
  • uses your introspected schema and scalar configuration to derive a schema
  • maps your GraphQL queries and fragments with the schema to result and variables types
  • creates fragment masks and enforces unwrapping fragments gradually

Since this is all done in the TypeScript type system and type checker, this all happens while you edit your GraphQL front-end code and is always accurate.

In short, with gql.tada and GraphQLSP you get on-the-fly, automatically typed GraphQL documents with full editor feedback, auto-completion, and type hints!